Sell my car quick with Gone in 60

At Gone in 60 we make it our priority to help you sell your car quick, easy, and extremely convenient.

We have an online system that is extremely convenient to use, and you can sell your car within 60 minutes from visiting our website.


How to sell your car with Gone in 60?

It is extremely easy to sell your car online with Gone in 60, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit out website at Gone in 60
  2. Provide details on the make, model, kilometers and expected price of your vehicle
  3. We will contact you immediately to arrange a viewing of your car
  4. Once we inspected the car, we agree on a price that meet your requirements
  5. Once you agreed to the amount for your vehicle, we make the payment within 60 minutes from your initial enquiry
  6. We take your car, and you are left with the money you are satisfied with


This process is extremely quick and because most of the work are done online in a few seconds it makes the process as fast as possible.

Our customers will all testify to the great service we provide, and we strive ourselves on our trustworthy reputation to assist our clients’ wishes to come true.

We know that your car is a valuable asset to you and you worked hard to obtain and maintain your vehicle, however, there is always the need to sell your car at some stage, whether it be the need for money, the need for a change in vehicle, or simply because you want to buy a new car, we are here to make this happen as easy and quick as possible.

There are no long ques and you do not have to drive from car dealership to car dealership to find the best price for your car, with a click of a button at Gone in 60 you can get the price you want for your car, and you can have the money in your bank within 60 minutes.

Be sure to visit Gone in 60 to sell your car today and get the amount that you have in mind for your valuable asset, once the enquiry is submitted the whole process will be finalized within 60 minutes. We are here to make selling your car as convenient and easy as possible because we know this can be a tedious process, but with Gone in 60 we will prove that we can make selling your car quick, easy, and convenient.

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