Selling your car online: Look out for added benefits

While it’s true that selling your car online already has its numerous benefits, it can be a good thing to lookout for further benefits which certain dealerships provide.

Benefits of selling your car online

The usual benefit of selling your car online includes anything from:

  • Simplified sales process
  • Enhanced turnaround selling timeframe
  • Enhanced safety through reputation and online profiles
  • Cost and time saving
  • Get cash quicker
  • And a few more.


These benefits should already be enough to motivate you to sell your car online today.

Added benefits when selling you car online are always a must to lookout for when you are in the selling process.

Our online selling platform provides for all these benefits and much more. At Gone in 60 we offer a referral fee to any person that referred a successful client to us.

What is a referral fee and how can it benefit me?

Our referral fees are added benefits that we provide to our customers to help promote our services whilst creating simultaneous benefits to our customers.

If you refer a customer to us and we have concluded a successful sales transaction, you will receive R2 000 in your bank account for every reference that you make.

This means that the more references you provide, the more benefits you gain.


At Gone in 60, we provide our customers with the highest quality vehicle selling services through our efficient online selling platform.

Make use of our expert services today to get the most out of your vehicle and you upon successful referral you can even add to the cash you received for selling your car with us.

Gone in 60 is here to help you sell your car within 60 minutes and gain numerous benefits from the sale. We strive to provide our clients with the best.

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